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    Delivering Results Principle Advantage Government Relations Group

    Principle Advantage is honored to have earned the trust of industries, associations, local governments, and regional authorities across a diverse range of sectors.

    We value the trust that our clients place in us and we remain continually focused on navigating the way to positive results.

Delivering Results


Autism Speaks

Associations & Non-Profit Organizations

We were told by leadership in the House of Delegates and Senate that it would take 5-7 years to pass the legislation we were seeking. We were able to have the Governor sign our law after 3 years of work by Principle Advantage. Once Principle Advantage came on board, they provided the direction, guidance, and sheer hard work to master our issue and build the support in the legislature for our very controversial bill. They never stopped working for us and it was this determination that took us over the goal line. 

Theresa Champion, President – Virginia Autism Project

Obtaining Healthcare Coverage for Children

Easing the Financial Burden on Families & Helping Children Thrive

Parents of young children can often find themselves stressed as they try to balance their family time, self-care, and work schedules.  Families often start to see signs of autism in the toddler developmental stage.  Autism Speaks, a national non-profit, dedicated to promoting solutions to address the needs of individuals with autism and their families, increase understanding and acceptance, and advance research into causes, sought out a government affairs firm to support their Virginia efforts. 

Autism Speaks selected Principle Advantage to support their efforts to address the lack of health insurance coverage for young children after a diagnosis of autism. Principle Advantage heard the personal and financial struggles of the families and was inspired to help change their worlds. Once hired, Principle Advantage worked directly with the families affected by autism as well as the national advocates to aggressively for children in Virginia to receive health insurance coverage for proven therapies that address autism. Launching an education and advocacy effort to bring families relief, Principle Advantage ultimately delivered the first mandated health insurance coverage to children aged 2-6 through a new law in just two sessions.


The City of Virginia Beach

Local Government and Political Subdivisions/Authorities

City of Virginia Beach, Will Sessoms, Former Mayor of Virginia Beach: “I worked with Principle Advantage and members of its team over many years. Individually, they were a force to be reckoned with – together they are the team I would want to protect my interests.”

Will Sessoms, Former Mayor of Virginia Beach

Representing the Commonwealth’s Largest City

Protecting Military Assets, Preserving Open Space, Supporting New Technology & Energy Sectors

Virginia Beach has 35 miles of coastline and holds the record for the longest stretch of pleasure beaches. It is a mix of urban, suburban, and rural landscapes. The city’s largest industry sectors include aquaculture, agriculture, defense, tourism, technology, and the emerging renewable energy sector. When firms represent a local government, the team needs to have a knowledge of the budget process along with key core issues such as education, environment, flooding, public safety, transportation, and more. Principle Advantage’s government relations work on behalf of the City of Virginia Beach, spans all levels of local, regional, and state representatives along with coordination with other local and regional government relations firms on issues that build or support the entire Hampton Roads region.


Virginia Offshore Wind Coalition (VOW)

Alternative/Renewable Energy

I have worked with Principle Advantage both as part of project teams and when they were representing clients before my organization. They have always listened carefully to input, been very prepared, been very effective at opening doors of and bringing their client’s message to key decision makers, delivered on time, and have been a joy to work with.

Steve Walz, Former Director, Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy

Building A Renewable Energy Influencer Network

Advocating For Offshore Wind At Its Infancy

While many are now engaging to grow renewable energy grids, Principle Advantage has been at the forefront of advancing renewable energy in Virginia representing clients in the clean energy space since 2006. Principle Advantage was hired to introduce Virginia to the opportunities in wind energy in 2009 successfully Virginia’s first two offshore wind conferences. Since the early days of increasing awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy, Principle Advantage has obtained increased state funding for the Virginia Coastal Energy Research Consortium (VCERC), providing government affairs services on developing legislation to promote offshore wind energy, expanded membership in VCERC, advised public universities and the Virginia Offshore Wind Development Authority to harness new technologies for installation and components and best practices for workforce development. Principle Advantage also was contracted to represent an association on a bill that was thought to be a “high-lift”. Principle Advantage’s advocacy and government affairs efforts were instrumental in the creation of the Virginia Solar Energy Development Authority.


The Council for Certified Virginia Interior Designers

Associations & Non-Profit Organizations

CCVID retained Angie Bezik of Principle Advantage to work closely with CCVID leadership and members to develop and implement a robust strategy of outreach and lobbying. She quickly learned about our issue advised on, and implemented a grassroots campaign that engaged Certified Interior Designers from around the state. Additionally, she advised and assisted with the creation of materials and directed our outreach to the Governor’s Administration, key members in the House of Delegates, Senate of Virginia, and appropriate staff.

Kim Schoenadel, President & CEO of KSA Interiors, Executive Director of CCVID

Balancing Regulatory Reform With Consumer Protection

Advocating For Professionalism

The Council for Certified Virginia Interior Designers sought Principle Advantage’s help to protect the professional certification of interior designers in the Commonwealth which was placed at risk due to a major regulatory reform initiative. Principle Advantage worked hard to educate legislators and staff on the vast skillset of interior designers and eliminate the perception that the profession was the same as an interior decorator. Removing language from a bill that is supported by the Administration is no easy lift, but with their we don’t quit work ethic, Principle Advantage again delivered results!

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