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    Virginia’s regular legislative session is rapid-paced, alternating between 45 and 60 days with thousands of bills introduced each year by 140 legislators. The bills are vetted multiple times in sub- and full committees, as well as on the floor, and many end up in year-round commissions or studies, that spark regulatory actions.

    Principle Advantage offers a dynamic range of services with a dedicated team of skilled professionals focused on getting results in this ever-changing environment for you.

Our Services

Government Relations

Navigating the way through the halls of government.

Whether you have a targeted goal, need to establish a comprehensive government affairs plan, or simply need to monitor the actions of committees and commissions, Principle Advantage will advise and facilitate the options, actions, and connections necessary to achieve your objective. Principle Advantage has the tools, expertise, and institutional knowledge to deliver results that match your goals and budget. Let Principle Advantage open doors for you and be your seat at the table.

Bill Tracking

Tracking bills from introduction, through committees, to the floor, and all the way to the Governor’s desk.

POLICY & Regulatory action

Research. Analyze. Consult on development of Sound Policy.  Monitor Regulatory Action.  Coordinate. and Resource Subject Matter Experts.


Representing you on the ground and in the trenches before the Virginia Legislature, the Administration, and Agencies.

Public Relations

Opening doors to success.

Essential to new or growing businesses is the ability to effectively connect with the community and with other companies and organizations. Principle Advantage works with businesses and organizations to develop strategic plans to build brand awareness or enhance brand image by actively engaging with community influencers, business leaders, government officials and staff, and related stakeholders. We will partner with you to develop a strategic brand management program.

Tangible growth pains are often caused by outdated code, lag time in regulations, or state code that fails to keep pace with emerging technologies… all compounded by an ever-changing political landscape.  Using our insight and experience in the government relations space, Principle Advantage will partner with you to develop a strategic plan to ease these pain points.  If a legislative, regulatory, or administrative fix is needed, we will work with you to engage any legislators, agencies, bureaus, and departments to find solutions to your challenges.

Brand & Message Development

On Point. On Target.

Corporate Relations

Communicating across the board.

Promoting Corporate Citizenry

Building trust and brand value in the community.

Advocacy & Outreach

Amplifying your voice.

Often, persuading decision makers to your position takes raising your organization’s profile within the decision makers’ circle of influence. Building a collective energy and voice that rises above the static of those competing for attention starts by engaging those key influencers, aligning stakeholder groups with your message, and implementing the tools that effectively communicate that message to amplify your voice.

From one-on-one meetings with decision-makers and influencers to developing a comprehensive outreach plan; from activating and mobilizing your supporters to building a coalition of stakeholders; Principle Advantage will “amplify your voice” and deliver your message to the right people at the right time.

Our principals combine the skills we gained working in election politics together with our vast database to positively impact your issue initiative.  From targeting key influencers, and activists, aligning with stakeholder groups, to social media monitoring, and implementing the tools to effectively communicate your message, we will make sure your voice rises above the static.

Bringing the Grassroots to the Movement

Identify, Energize. Activate

Social Media Messaging & Listening

Deploying Tech Tools to the Debate.

Building a Coalition of Supporters

When more than one warrior is needed – deploy the whole platoon.

Our willingness to go the extra mile for you, our client-centric focus, and our relationships at every level of government, in industry, and with organizations and community influencers throughout the Commonwealth give you the advantage, the Principle Advantage!
Angie Bezik